Who’s That Girl With the Camera? Me of course!!!

Just liked the light in this moment and I was the only one around so its me, myself, and I.

  So my son keeps telling me I interrupt him all the time and since I have heard this same complaint from various other men in my life, I believed him.  I told him to say “Boo” to me everytime I interrupt him to stop me.  So the whole family picked it up and a typical conversation goes something like this:  Nalu:  So, Mom is there anyway I can play my xbox, I mean… Mom:  NO.  Nalu:  Boo.  Hannah:  Mom? Noe: hey:  Hannah:  Boo Nalu:  Boo Noelle: Boo.  Me?  Laughing!!!!!

Commercial shoot today.. photos on blog very soon!