Maui photographer Wendy Laurel loves shooting family photographs.  Photos are a fun and beautiful way to document your family vacation on Maui. The key to successful beach family photographs are the following:

1. Let go of your expectations and embrace the chaos and imperfection.

2. Go with whatever presents. The kids might be cranky and your husband may wish he wasn’t there. Your hair may not have worked like you wanted and the cheerios spilled in the car. It honestly does not matter. All that matters is you guys show up and say yes to whatever happens.

3. Be ready to relax and play. The best photos happen when you are relaxed and laughing. You will have downtime during our time together. You might lay on a beach blanket or throw rocks in the ocean with your son. Its OK to relax.

4. Be ready to get wet and sandy. Dress down.  It is the beach. You will want to show up in beach clothes. Easy clothes that you would normally wear to the beach. Swimsuits, sundresses, tee shirts and shorts. Leave behind collared shirts and dress up clothes.

5. Show your love. Hug, kiss, cuddle, carry, and tickle. Smile. Lean on the people you love.

6. Take your time. Give extra long hugs. Sit down and see what the kids want to do. Do not stress. You are on vacation and it is okay to have your photo session feel like a vacation too. Let me watch the kids for a few minutes while you and your husband kick back.

Getting your family photos can be be a fun part of vacation, not a chore. Relax and have fun and your photos will show it.

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