what to wear.

What to wear for family photos on the beach on Maui. The best advice I can tell you is to show up as yourself.

By that I mean, dress down not up. Be you. But BE you at the beach!  Beach clothes are perfect — swim suits, surf trunks, shorts, tees, sun dresses.  You do NOT want to dress up for photos on the beach. Think about dressing down into your most favorite and worn in tee shirts and most likely to get wet and sandy clothing or swimsuits.

You want your photos to be pretty and real.  On the beach, bright colors work well.

For Mom: Loose flowly cotton sundresses look pretty for Mom.  A favorite striped or bright color tee shirt with loose flowly beach pants.  Cut off levi’s and a worn in tee or loose peasant blouse.Throw a cute swimsuit on underneath.    Wear clothes  or swimsuits you feel comfortable and good in.  Let your hair be down.

For Dad:  A favorite tee shirt and swimshorts.  So simple.  Probably his favorite clothes.  No need for any collars — tee shirts look best at the beach.

Teens:  Whatever they want.  So much easier this way.

Girls:  Like mom, loose twirly cotton sundress or simple a swimsuit or play shorts and a tee.  Swimsuit or a change of clothes advsied because they are probably going to get wet.  Hair down is best.

Boys:  Less is more.  Swimshorts and an optional tee shirt.  Again no collared shirts.

Please don’t wear black or navy, it looks harsh in the bright sun.  AND do not try to match each other or all wear white.   Be yourselves and wear your favorite beach clothes.

THINK BEACH.  PLAN FOR SAND AND SEA.   Please contact me here to book your fun Maui family photography session.