what to wear on your Maui family photography shoot

ashlee family at baby beach lahaina by maui photographer wendy laurelNow — what to wear, what to wear, what to wear….

on your Maui family photography session.

The best advice I can tell you is to show up as yourself.

By that I mean, dress as your style. Be you. But BE you at the beach!  Beach clothes are perfect — swim suits, surf trunks, shorts, tees, sun dresses.
lahaina family photography photo by maui photographer wendy laurel


You want your photos to be pretty and real.  Not so real  that they catch you in your yoga pants you are living in, but the real pretty you.  On the beach, pastel or bright colors work well.  Light cotton clothes, sundresses, t-shirts, shorts are easy to work with.  Don’t try to match each other.  Just try not to clash.

I advise against black or navy – its harsh in the bright sun – and also against the everyone wear white group shot.  Be yourselves, just your best self.

For large groups, picking one or two main colors and having everyone choose their own clothes in those colors usually works well for a nicely coordinated but not matching look.  Stripes, polka dots, plaid.. I love them all.  The surf shops on Maui have a great variety of fun beach going clothes.  Also, don’t be shy… want to wear bathing suits?   feel free!  If we are shooting on the beach, you will probably get at least your feet wet.  Plan for sand and sea.

maui family at beach at sunset playing photos by maui photographer wendy laurel-1