Underwater with Lahaina Cruise Company — Commercial

I was hired by Lahaina Cruise Company to photograph a snorkel trip.  So they sent me off to Molokini with my cute kids in tow as models.  We had the best time on the boat and especially in the water. The above photos are all from cheap underwater cameras.  Those cameras worked well for what they are.  Ill put the real photos in another blog, but thought these were fun for today.  Its been a very busy weekend, two weddings, plus another shoot tomorrow and more in the next few days.  The blog has fallen by the wayside.  If you are reading this, please sign up to follow the blog or post comments so I know you are out there!


Thanks for going where no mom would go with all the kids minus one in tow to MOLOKINI. Glad to hear you and the kids enjoyed the "working" trip. Looking forward to your collection. Keep safe and cool, enjoy the rest of your summer. Mahalo, Lucy

Great shots, as usual, Wendy…love it.

thanks guys :) Love to see comments

It goes to show you, it's not all about the equipment and tools! You've got to have an eye for photography…my pictures don't look like these! ;)