i have always always envied this family.

the first time I saw maria, our oldest boys (who are the same age) were 2.

it was at baby beach and I had just moved to Maui and knew nobody.  Her boy, braiden had a set of those big yellow tonka trucks that little boys love and she

was all beautiful in her little brazilian bikini and she was the nicest.. shared the trucks and all.

their family is as unconventional as it gets and i have always envied their lifestyle.  they roam around the world, making maui their ocassional landing stop

every so often.  the kids are homeschooled, they have been surfing all over the globe, with friends in every corner.  And they are tight knit family.

what’s not to envy?

and I was honored to shoot their family in what I think it their first professional family shoot.. and my favorite thing?

no email or computer for viewing the photos.

i am giving them prints and an album.  yes.

but you should follow their daughter, kamala, on instagram — kamalaphotography — alot of talent in that young girl.

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