Surfer Girl Tara

Its not just her hair that is wild.

This girl is full of smiles, energy, and adventure.

Tara taught my oldest to surf.  She is a surfer by trade running Girls Gone Surfing.. which is exactly

what is sounds like.. surf adventures for girls of all ages.

She also teaches yoga and her adventure list goes on and on.

I know she is brave because she just took her first flying lesson on her birthday.. from Maui to Molokai.

This was such fun to shoot.

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Your images are so beautiful and you are such an inspiration!

omg… black and white checkerboard surfboard!!! I’m in love! Such a fun session Wendy! Beautifully captured!

What a fun shoot! Gorgeous images!

I wish I was a surfer girl…. this is beautiful Wendy! Love it!

You’re so talented, Wendy! These are such gorgeous pictures!

great editorial work wendy!! love that checkered surfboard!

Love this Wendy! The energy, the colors, the beach! So much fun and so gorgeous!

Gorgeous Shots! Captures our friend Tara’s spirit beautifully!

I LOVE these! These colors are fantastic, and what a beauty she is! Makes me want to be on the beaches of HI so badly!

These are so incredibly gorgeous, love!!!!

you are a wave of refreshing photography. stand out session, exceptional Wendy. the first B&W made my jaw drop but so many inredible frames that I <3

I absolutely love the life and joy in your work, Wendy! So refreshing!

You KNOW I love this shoot, Wendy!! Messy hair, beautiful surfer, and RAD boards?! Yes please! <3 Great work as always.

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a portrait session of just one person so much!!! these are AWESOME! looks like you girls had a really fun day together, that first shot is just so killer (ummm and PS where can I get that blanket from?! :))

you amazing me friend!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this shoot so much!!

She’s GORGEOUS and I love each and every one of these images!