Sophie — Life is Unfair

Sophie’s Mum, Sue, bravely spoke what everybody in the community has been thinking at Sophie’s Memorial Service yesterday.  How could this happen?  Why?  Its not fair.  It was freak accident.  If only . . . .  Your life can change in an instant.

Sue was an inspiration.  She acknowledged life was unfair.   All that matters is family and faith.  Those are courageous words.

My heart breaks for Sue and J.D.  Sophie’s death has hit me hard and I only knew Sophie from ballet and swimming.  Yet she is on my mind constantly.  The “its not fair” part running through my mind like a broken record.  I pray for peace for her family.

The best we can do is remember Sophie. And strive to be like her.  Outgoing, extremely friendly, always giving 100% in effort and attitude to whatever she was doing at the moment.  The girl was full of enthusiasm.

Life isn’t fair.  I do not understand it.  Sophie’s death scares me.  As was said at the service, the opposite of fear is faith.  So, rather than be scared, I have to follow Sue’s path and have faith. 

I have faith that Sophie is in a better place surrounded by light and love and she is happy.  Still she will be missed tremendously by her parents,  her family, the community, her friends, and me.  She will never be very far from my thoughts.