Sophia DeLoria

I can find no words.   Look here if you need them.

with love, wendy, hannah, noelle, noa and nalu


This is why photography is one of the greatest gifts we can give. Sorry for your lost.

thanks. Its such a tragedy.

She was so beautiful.You captured her shine. She is going to be so missed. And there are no words to express my sorrow. Especially for JD and Sue.

I can't stop thinking about this, about her, about the pain for this family. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

My brother was one of the Hana Firefighters sent to the rescue. I was really sorry to hear this story. As someone who has grown up on Maui, I am always saddened by stories of freak accidents and the shock never lessens. It is an inconceivable tragedy. Please give my condolences to her parents and family.


Heather Parker

Thanks, Wendy. I was so sorry to hear about this tragedy.

Sophia was the sweetest nicest girl I ever met i knew her really good in 5 grade I also knew her from swiming she swam with my friends but I'd always say hi to her.i give my condolences to her and her family.

thanks for your comments. It is just unbelievably tragic.

Wendy, thank you so much for the pictures and your letter, they mean so much to us. I am trying very hard to keep it together but feel so very lost. Many of the cards we have received have little stories about Sophie, what they remember about her or things she had said when she was with them or time she had spent with them. These are very comforting. Thank you Sue

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