sonja + the whole family

an extended family session.

in 15 minutes.

when the group is what is important,

love all around.

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Wow. So beautiful! Lovely light (how did you do that!!) and colors. And so natural for such a large group. Well done!

its called film Trish!!!! I love how it handles light and even direct sunlight!

What a beautiful family!! You captured the love of this family so well…gorgeous!!

LOVE the way you captured such a large group!!

Film + Gorgeous light = WOW!!!

Bright, beautiful light, laughter! Love this.

I love your take on this extended family session. So fun and real. With gorgeous light…love it!

I love that this was only 15 minutes! It’s crazy awesome how much you can pack into just that short amount of time. great work, as always, Wendy!

Annnd another amazing family session by Wendy!! These are perfect!!

Wow, you did this all in 15 minutes? Amazing skills and photos!

15 minutes?! Huge high fives! You captured so much in such a short period of time :) Beautiful job!

gorgeous family!!

These are so sweet and lovely! I can’t believe you did this in 15 minutes!?!

So beautiful Wendy!! I want to live in your world. Love the colors and this happy family <3

LOVE this session! Can’t believe it was all done in such a quick time! That is amazing!

Perfection! What a beautiful family!

so much love. so much joy. you captured it so beautifully. and what amazing light!

So much happy!! I love it!

wendy, i am obsessed with your images. the colors and love you capture never fail to make me smile!!

So fun! I bet this family will cherish these for generations!