SHS Cross Country Running | Maui Family and Children Photographer

I did a crazy thing this Fall.  I decided to start and run the Sacred Heart School’s cross country team.  I wasn’t completely insane.. I got my friend and really amazing runner, Sarah Clark to co-coach.  But still.

We ended up having a ball.  The pluses? The season is ultra short. The kids are super fun.  Everyone ran faster and better.  My kids ran last year without a team, so it was definitely more fun this time around.  The minuses?  None spring to mind. Just the time.  Always time.

Here are a few of my favs from our season.. different cameras, different films.. just depended on my mood.

Put on your shoes and go for a run!



I love these, Wendy! You really can sense the fun, excitement, and exhaustion in these. I still hate running but this made me wish that I liked it!

Thanks Emily. It is so great watching the kids run like that. What a great confidence builder.