Sacred Hearts School Yearbook

Yikes!  Its January and not one yearbook page is made.  But somehow it will all be done by February.  At least lots of photos have been taken.  The theme this year is Surfer Magazine.. sort of a copycat/rip off idea.  Im really excited for it and the best part???  The kids are making all the pages!!  All I have to do is organize the photos (huge job) and oversee it.  I think it would be faster if I just did it myself, but thats not really teaching is it?

Here’s a few shots taken for yearbook — some of the sixth grade girls.

And if you are SHS parent or student… REMINDER.  IRONWOODS BEACH SUNDAY AT 10 A.M. WITH SURFBOARD!!!   Something or other for the cover of our Surfer Mag/Yearbook issue.  Thanks,