S.F. lomo style | Hawaii Modern Portrait Photographer

We are having such a great time in the Bay Area.  Tons of rolls of film.   Tons of fun.  No time to blog!  These photos are from way back on the fourth of July.  Kids at Pacifica Beach.   Kids on Haight Street.  Kids at the playground.  I brought three cameras with me… medium format film, 35mm film and my little lca.  These photos are from the little lca.  Cross processed elite chrome.  Lots of photos to blog still.  These aren’t even my favorites.  Today is day of ice cream sundaes at Fentons, Ikea shopping, and ice-skating in Oakland.  Dinner with Dad.  Tomorrow I head off to San Diego by myself for Jonathan Canlas’s workshop.  Film is Not Dead.


Great examples of cross processing your film. Really brings out that SF feel ! Rgds, Rick


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