Olivia’s Book | Maui Fine Art Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Olivia Biano is a five year old girl from Lahaina.  Her family is one of the swim team families from Lahaina Swim Team.

A few months ago, out of the blue, Olivia was diagnosed with cancer.  Her family has now relocated temporarily to California where Olivia is undergoing chemotherapy and fighting for her life.

My daughters wanted to help in anyway they could so they drew and illustrated this book.  All profits from the sale of the book are being donated to Olivia’s family to help with the enormous medical and family expenses.

Olivia is a bright funny happy girl who loves Justin Beiber, rainbow sherbert, cheerleading, and singing and dancing.  She has a sister, Julia, and a brother, A.J.

I never ask for fundraising items on this blog or on my facebook, but this is a big exception.

The book is supercute and great for any kid.  Its bright colorful and full of images from Hawaii.  Poems, Counting, and Coloring are all in the book.

Buy it and feel good about it.  It means alot.

And more than that, say a prayer or two or a hundred for  Olivia.  She really needs them and they are helping.