My New Years Resolution | Maui Wedding Photography

Last year I blogged every day for a few months. People came and read my blog. Amazingly, the more open I was, the more they read.  Then life got busier and I blogged weekly but not daily. I didn’t talk about the personal so much.  And what do you know?  People were not as interested.

So my New Years Resolution is to blog every weekday starting January 1.  And to put my heart and my life into it.  I am starting early.  (I have never been very patient at all.)

Jessica Lorren is a rad wedding photographer in Florida.  She is also my internet friend.  But she came to Maui and I went and met her in person.  We cruised for a couple of hours through one of my most favorite parts of Maui — Paia and Hookipa Beach.  It poured rain.  And then it was sunny.  Typical Hawaii.  We trespassed and climbed fences and shot photos.  Typical me.

I will see you guys tomorrow.  Can’t fail on resolution before the New Year even starts, right?

Love these! I just met Jessica last week in Miami. Such colorful photos, and so nice to have visiting friends from all over the world :-) I look forward to your blogging!

Pink Peony Photography

She's adorable. I love the one with the fence in front of her. Great composition on this set!