maui county fair winner – finally

its a long story.
but first the ending.
i won first place at the maui county fair’s photography contest.
in the expert division — photo art.
the backstory?
its been a long time coming.
i started entering photos in that contest when my girls where say 2 and 3.
they are now 11 and 12.
and at first i won 3rd place and honorable mention in the amateur division.
i was falsely overconfident after that.
then i lost.
then i was moved to the expert division.
where i lost some more.
once i got an honorable mention for a polaroid print.
then i lost some more.
lots of landscapes and macro images were winning.
but i kept submitting portraits (guess i guess i sort of like people in my images).
this year? I submitted but didn’t even want to walk through the photo contest area
because I was so sure I didn’t win again.
but finally my family convinced me just to look.
and my girls starting yelling and ran to me and told me I won first place.
maui county fair winner wendy laurel photograph of girl with flowers

i know its just a local small town county fair. but i had a personal and emotional investment
in that contest and i am so very happy to have won a blue ribbon.. finally. persistence pays.