Letter to My Daughters

i have been fortunate enough to be added to a photographer project — open letters to our daughters.  i saw amy grace’s post on her blog about it and loved it.  its a circle of photographers with images and letters to their daughter(s) and we link to each other in a circle.

warning: im not much of a writer.. hence the camera.. but its from the heart.

the photos were taken on the day of their spring dance performance with maui academy of performing arts earlier this month.



honua kai photography (3) honua kai photography (1) honua kai photography (2)

dear hannah and noelle,

i see you. i see through the make-up. through the costumes. through your sassy attitude. and this is what I see.

2 young girls. trying to grow up fast. brave girls. brave enough to dance in front of hundreds. braver than I ever was or am.

but girls just the same. don’t try to grow up so fast. i see you laughing. i see you playing with bubbles still. i see you giggling in the car.

i see you being nervous. i see your shyness. its ok to be young. you don’t feel it, but time is flying by.

we went through alot this year. and you girls are stronger for it. our family is stronger for it.

for your bravery.. on and off the stage.. you have my gratitude and admiration.

and of course, my love forever.


you can click right around and see what all these talented women have to say.  start with Sara Tegman | St. Louis Photographer.

kaanapali photography (1)

kaanapali photography (2)

kaanapali photography (3)

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kaanapali photography (5)


Not much of a writer? I think this proves otherwise Wendy – I loved your heartfelt words to your sweet girls. Such beautiful images too, you have a spectacular way with light and capturing them exactly as they are. I’m so glad to welcome you into our group, a perfect fit. <3

Danielle DeFiore

Beautiful Wendy! The words and the images. This made me smile this morning.. :)

i agree with emma. you got me choked up :). and you are right. time flies. so glad to have you with us!

welcome to our group. love love love this!

do not underestimate yourself. you know how to be tight and sparing and full to the very edges of the frame, of the page. the love is cracking this post open, and spilling out. the directness of these portraits is breaking my heart. and that i know, and anticipate in such a sense that i know, the feelings of which you speak, makes me experience it through my own girl too. and the makeup…it adds to everything you are trying to say. it makes them look tiny, somehow. but brave, as you say they are.

and the pictures. holy wow. i really, really love them. know that i mean it. brilliant post.

the words are said perfectly, and filled with love – that’s what it’s all about – and the pictures? the perfect compliment to the words… welcome to the group Wendy

Oh my goodness that last bubble shot… these are so beautiful Wendy. But even more beautiful is the gift you are creating and leaving behind for your daughters with these letters to them and photographs

Welcome, Wendy..so excited to have you here. Your daughters are beautiful. Writing from the heart is the most beautiful thing and I really look forward to knowing your daughters better in more letters to come.

WENDY!!!! WELCOME to the circle sweet friend!!! wow i am thrilled to get to know you through your letters (which btw you can most certainly write) and write very well)…it seems we have so much in common, it looks like your girls are just a few steps ahead of mine on this path of growing up :) i adore these images and really your words…so beautifully written straight from the heart…xoxox

I adore these recital images of your sweet girls AND on film no less. I am just awestruck every time I see your film images. There is something about you and your portraits on the way they come off the screen, their depth and their honesty. I am in love with the second one down. Welcome to our sweet little group on the web. We are so happy to have you here with your images and words. XOXO