Letter to My Daughter – March 2014

Every month I participate in this circle of fellow mothers and photographers by writing a letter to one (or both) of my daughters. To follow this circle, just click on the super talented Amy Lockheart’s blog.



Here goes:

Dear Hannah,

I had a great time on vacation with you. My favorite time with you is actually the two days before we left, when we were sick, just and me hanging out and watching movies on the couch. I don’t get to spend nearly enough one on one time with you and I need to schedule it in more. You are growing up so very fast. It is frightening to me. Just about to turn 12 but sometimes its like you are turning 16. My favorite things about this last week (and you):

cuddling on the couch
candle ritual
teaching you how to light a match (and safely put it out)
watching you learn to snowboard in a day and seeing how brave you are
realizing I can make you do 25 jumping jacks or push-ups whenever you speak to me rudely
and laughing with you when you do them
reading Melody
finding out there is a whole other season of Dance Academy we can watch
cuddling on the couch

I savor our cuddles (you would die of embarrassment if you read this). I joke around when I call you my Nalu in training.. but its true.. you are heading into those years where parents are embarrassing and friends are important and I might just become the dumbest person you ever met. But I’ll love you right through them.



Oh my goodness, I love this idea!

What a beautiful message! I love this idea. And PS: I’m obsessed with her braid!! :)

Wonderful as always, I so look forward to reading these and seeing the beautiful images of your daughters.

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What a lovely thing to do! Love the photos as usual too.

This is beautiful. I love thinking about the significance little notes like this will mean to her when she’s our age.

What a beautiful young lady she is growing up to be. I love following your work and watching your family grow!

i don’t know why this is making me cry. when you are just talking about the simple, concrete truths of the day…but that is exactly how the days are built, the changing relationships that will bewilder and break us. and make us whole. my girl is going too fast. like i did. hannah sounds like she is too. keep the cuddles. they can go on forever. she is such a beauty of a kid.

Sweetest idea ever! It is so wonderful to have the beautiful words and story behind the pictures.

So beautiful! I love reading these posts.

Beautiful, Wendy! What a great idea!

You are such a wonderful mother Wendy. Your children will love these letters (and photos) so much.. unbelievably precious.

Such special moments