Kahoma House | Maui Family Photography

We were lucky enough to be invited by our neighbors for a weekend camping trip at the Kahoma House.  If you don’t know this house, it is way up the West Maui Mountains through locked gates and up a long dirt (or mud) road.

Its super green and pretty up there and there is a small lake.  They have built water slides right into the hill next to the lake and all the kids go crazy.

It was alot, juggling the kids (especially the little one) with the mud and camping and trying to mess with a camera.  I just brought my contax g2 and shot 2 rolls of film.  Hey, it was my weekend off!

Anyway, it was fun and serene and did I say, muddy?

Thanks to the Sam + Pete for including us.  And our kids.  And our kids’ friends.  And our dog.


Beautiful weekend. I love that you took one camera and just 2 rolls of film. Did you have to use a light meter? Because they're exposed perfectly. Awesome job Wendy!

thanks Ashley. Actually no light meter. Just the G2 on auto and I mess with the exposure compensation dial when I felt like it needed it.

a lake on maui…who knew?! love the one of the back of the three boys!

GORGEOUS PICS, loved all of them. And the place! I wanna go there. Can we go when I visit you? :D
Now, seriously, there are so many great pictures in this group. Hope you already printed them and made a tiny album! pretty light, pretty kids, pretty environment, pretty film, pretty photographer's vision. Can't go wrong with all that ;)

M.E. & You Photography

Wendy, these are stunning! I seriously am in love with them.

wow i am seriously digging the colors in these. which film did you use?