I am the Ocean

maui underwater photography


you are so fun! love your work lady!

So very cool! And it has the Wendy color!

I seriously want you to photograph me in the water! Always so cool & creative!

You’re so talented! I love your underwater shots. This was is perfect!

Gorgeous under water shot!!

So pretty! love the flowers in the water

So fun! And the flowers. Gorgeous composition – the underwater photos are amazing!

the colors are unreal!

OMG! I can’t wait for summer seeing all of your images make me wish it was not winter!

LOVE this so much. Like, SO MUCH.

STOP IT!!! Everything you post draws me in Wendy – dreamy and real at the same time. Love this.

took my breath away! so cool!

Beautiful photo and underwater colors. amazing :)

wow! i have no words but this is simply gorgeous. how do you shoot film underwater?? I must try this. xo

wow! i love this so much. i want to jump into this image!!

I just want to crawl into every single one of your photographs. So much fun.

Girl, you are so rad. I want to take a photo like this! haha

So mysterious! I love the colors. :)

WOW!!! Speechless. Seriously this is awesome.

What fun! I’m so in love with your underwater work!