THESE. ARE. INSANE. So carefree and full of sexy, hawaiian life. I wouldn’t know that part of hawaii, but you KILLED it. Them holding hands, and the one of her covering her top with her suit dangling from her arm, UGH! SO GOOD.

thank you ashley!!!!!!! it was so fun

OBSESSED!! These are so fun!! Adore the one of her against the turquoise wall with the shadow!! Roxy/Quicksilver needs to hire you STAT girl!

These are great. That blue wall and that Hawaii’an sun…love!

SO in love with the casual and effortless beauty in these VIBRANT, fun images!!

You are a fashion photography goddess Wendy! These are AMAZING!!!

SO SO good! Absolutely love this shoot so much. Gorgeous & FUN!

these are AMAZING!! so, so good! <3 super sexy and fun!

Wow, Wendy, you KILLED IT with this shoot! Freaking awesome!!