Film Is Not Dead on MAUI | Maui Wedding Photography

The rumors are true.  Jonathan Canlas is bringing his FIND workshop to Maui.

I went to this workshop in San Diego last year and it was hands down the best photography/business decision I ever made.

The days are information packed.  But Jon gives you a beautiful book filled with all the information.  Mornings are all information and teaching.  Afternoons were shooting film with rad models and more teaching.  Jon works one on one with you. 

Its a small group (limited to 10) and no question is off limits.  Jon shares everything, from metering, to film types, to marketing and blogging.

Here are some shots from last year’s San Diego workshop.

I believe the dates are November 14-16 in Lahaina, Maui.  If you want to go, contact him asap.  He is tweeting it tomorrow and it will sell out FAST.

Anna Kim Photography

Love the hot red heels! That's exciting that he's going to be teaching on Maui!

good times! wish i could be there, i would do it again (and crash on your sofa too!) if it werent for blasted london! :)

anyone and everyone who wants to crash on my sofa (or floor or kids' bed) is welcome! Especially you Kjrsten.

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