FILM IS NOT DEAD HUGE SALE | Maui, Hawaii Film Photographer

For two days this invaluable guide is on sale.  Only $79 for a manual that will pretty much tell you everything you ever wanted to know about shooting film, and some things you didn’t. 

It is written by one of the best film photographers out there, Jonathan Canlas, and I have to say its pretty much my bible.

Thats a huge savings and a huge bargain.  All you need to know.  Just click on the link on the right of this blog and it will take you right to the check-out.

And yes I get a small (very small) commission if you buy it, but I would sell these things for no commission.  I believe in it.  I am not a salesman.

As you know if you know me or read my blog.

Go out and buy it!

Katie Thurmes

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