fun and beautiful Maui family beach photography

Take advantage of your wonderful vacation time and grab some emotional and honest photographs of your family on Maui.

A Maui family photo shoot does not have to be a stressful experience that half the family does not want to do.  Its actually a super fun and relaxing time on the beach with the people you love most being themselves.  Throw away your expectations of a forced dressed up awkward photo of everyone using a fake smile and think about spending some time at the beach in your favorite most worn in comfortable clothes barefoot and cuddling on a blanket, walking down the beach or jumping waves.



what is the best maui location and best time to take family photos

Sunrise and sunset are the best times to take family photos on the beach on Maui because the sun is lower in the sky and the beaches are less crowded.  I love mornings because its a great way to start the day, the kids are fresh, the beaches are empty and the light is pretty.  Late risers and sunset lovers will love the later afternoon.  Maui has a wide variety of available beaches, fields, jungles, and other scenic places to take amazing photos.  Whether you want the pool, the ocean, bougainvillea bushes, palm trees, or a combination, I can suggest the best Maui location for family photos for you.

what to wear for your maui family beach photography session

This might be the most googled and most stressed over question about family photography shoots but it is actually the easiest one to answer.  Wear clothes you love and feel comfortable in.

By that I mean, dress down not up. Be you. But BE you at the beach!   You do NOT want to dress up for photos on the beach. Think about dressing down into your most favorite and worn in tee shirts and most likely to get wet and sandy clothing or swimsuits.

You want your photos to be pretty and real.  On the beach, bright colors work well.

For Mom: Loose flowly cotton sundresses look pretty for Mom.  A favorite striped or bright color tee shirt with loose flowly beach pants.  Cut off levi’s and a worn in tee or loose peasant blouse.Throw a cute swimsuit on underneath.    Wear clothes  or swimsuits you feel comfortable and good in.  Let your hair be down.

For Dad:  A favorite tee shirt and swimshorts.  So simple.  Probably his favorite clothes.  (you know that favorite red tee with the holes from so many washings?). No need for any collars — tee shirts look best at the beach.

Teens:  Whatever they want.  So much easier this way.

Girls:  Like mom, loose twirly cotton sundress or simple a swimsuit or play shorts and a tee.  Swimsuit or a change of clothes advsied because they are probably going to get wet.  Hair down is best.

Boys:  Less is more.  Swimshorts and an optional tee shirt.  Again no collared shirts.

The number one rule? Dress down, not up.  Wear clothes that move and you can get wet and sandy.  No collars, no shoes, no matching, no all white, nothing you saw when you googled family photography beach portraits and you will be fine.  You can see some examples of what to wear on the beach here.

what to expect at your maui family beach photography shoot

Nothing makes photographs better than a laid back attitude. So your kids aren’t listening and won’t sit still? Don’t stress or worry, I know what I am doing and its all going to work out. The best photos are the in between ones, where you are just laughing and loving your family. Just go with the flow. I will pose you guys and then let that pose fall apart. Click. All you have to do is hang out with me and play. It is actually a relaxing time where you can hug, snuggle, and kiss your loved ones and not be in charge.  Getting your photos done with me is a fun experience.

how much are maui family photography shoots?

My style of family photography captures the love and feeling between your family and distills those feelings into images.  Be prepared to have fun and feel relaxed during our shoot.

Family and Couples Photography Plans:

Plan 1 — $995 Family/Couples Maui

great for immediate families at one location

Plan 2 — $1400 Extended Family/Couples Maui

perfect for extended families or for more creativity and candids

The Mini — $650  Mini Session (30 minutes)

InterIsland Special –  $2400 — Kauai, Big Island and Oahu 2 Hour Plan

Perfect when you are staying in Hawaii but not on Maui.  As many locations as we can fit in 2 hours.



how to book your maui family photography session

Booking your Maui family photography session is easy.  You can click here to schedule your session online right now.  Or you can contact me here if you want to pick a different day or time or ask me some questions first.

how to plan elopement, couple or honeymoon hawaii photos

Maui and all of Hawaii is great for elopement, couple or honeymoon photos. When its just the two of you, its easy to be photographed in stunning scenery like cliffs over the ocean, rainforest, waterfall, haleakala or big wide empty beaches.  My favorite is to take a couple on a hike through fields and trees to end up at a tide pool or cliff overlooking the ocean.  Click here to find out more about Maui elopement, couple, and honeymoon photographs.

super 8 films.

Add on a Super 8 Film to any family photo package.

Our Super 8 films are filmed with the authentic Super 8 film for a vintage and timeless look complete with light leaks and the bright Hawaiian colors.   Our Super 8 highlight films are edited in a music video style for a fun and emotionally impactful short film.