the art of double exposures by wendy laurel


A 136 page PDF explaining in depth the why, how, and art of shooting double exposures. The PDF goes through why I shoot double exposures and what my thinking is behind the art. I go through and explain in great detail how I make all the different types of different exposures step by step. I talk about the different cameras you can use and the different film stocks and their differences. The techniques apply for digital shooters as well. I have images for each technique and images of all the mistakes and how to avoid them. Also how to level up and great unexpected images and all the different creative ideas you can use to make YOUR voice shine. Homework and examples are included for each section.

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Jonathan Canlas says —

I’ll be honest, double exposures hasn’t been something in my repertoire of shooting. But after reading Wendy’s super comprehensive “Seeing Double” guide, I think that all is going to change. I love that she isn’t teaching you how to be her, she is sharing everything she knows about shooting double exposures, and encourages you to find your own path. The assignments and info in this pdf is not only easy to comprehend, there are a lot of A-HA moments, but it really gets your own creative wheels spinning on how you are going to implement what she has taught. This guide is really a great way to get inspired and open up your creative horizons. Worth every penny.

Some example pages from the PDF:

  seeing double pdf by maui photographer wendy laurel

seeing double pdf by hawaii photographer wendy laurel
I put everything I know and practice about double exposures into the PDF.  I go through all my successes and each type of double exposure I make (turns out there are alot of different kinds) and explain how thoroughly.  I also show my mistakes and explain what went wrong and why.  Along with the PDF, there is a facebook group SEEING DOUBLE where I will answer all questions and we can share our double exposures and learn from everyone else.

The price is $149. Just click here to purchase the PDF.

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