Dmitri + Sandra FIND Maui | Maui Wedding Photography

At a workshop, there are a number of photographers working with a couple.  But I figured out a sure fire way to get rid of the rest of my group.  Trespass.  Turns out they weren’t very daring and sort of timid. I saw some cute surfboards behind a house near the beach and took the couple to it, and up on the front porch, and I looked around and all the other photographers were still out on the street.  So I know for a fact, no one else has these shots.  :)  All mine.  And now Dmitri and Sandra’s.. the cute models who are also a very talented wedding photography team right here in Maui.

So if you are a bit daring and would love some unique photos, give me a call, or a text, or an email.  Im not picky. 

Have a great day,


haha love what you said about your group of photographers :) your time was your time only!! plus, we didn't want to trespass, lol! but see, you got the shots, awesome!!

i'm so in love with your work! My favorite is the mirror pic. I would LOVE to do a shot like that someday.

Sarah, The Ohana Mama

I love the one with them kissing and it's in focus in the mirror…love!