Cristina + Brandon — Vow Renewal at Makena Cove

ahh love.
a pretty vow renewal.
family style.

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This made me tear up! So special and sweet. Beautiful job capturing this, Wendy! xo

What a beautiful, heart-felt session! You captured every essence of how special this was for the family. Love your work Wendy!

So beautiful and sweet. Having kids and keeping a marriage together is a lot of work. So lovely to see people making it happen, and still in love. Beautiful family and beautiful job capturing them!

oh, wendy! i love, love, love these photos! so romantic. so beautiful. and the colors? incredible! makes me want to jump on a plane for hawaii!! <3 gorgeous, gorgeous work!

Gorgeous Wendy! Your work always makes me smile. I hope I can do a vow renewal like this one some day and have you shoot it.

Oh my goodness I adore this, Wendy!! I’ve been thinking of renewing my vows and would love to have something like this where the kids are so involved! <3

So fun! There is so much life in these images !

I am always struck by your colors, Wendy! So special to document this renewal with the kids and in paradise!

As always Wendy the colors of your work are just so visually captivating.. truly so so beautiful (I’m quite certain I say this every time I comment on your work – but I can’t help that they always wow the pants off of me! … and on a funny side note, I mean that literally this time as I’m sitting her at my desk in my jammies enjoying your work ;)). Okay okay, I’m getting sidetracked.. this session… to.die.for. The images are beautiful, yes, but the concept of an intimate vow renewal on the beach with the family you’ve built with each other? *I die* I could only dream of having this one day and images like these of my own to cherish forever. What a lucky family, great job Wendy! Oh and because I never really like to stop ‘talking,’ my favorite image is the 6th row down – the wide angle photo with the entire scene. That smile on mom of pure joy is what gets me!

So lovely! It’s so fun to see a vowel renewal including their kiddos! I really like that shot of one of their daughters ‘planting’ the flowers in the sand, ha! And that first kissing shot you posted where mom’s holding son and the girls are in their own world…I would totally frame that one! Just love the emotion, and realness of it!

Your work is always so joyous Wendy!

Oh Wendy, these are absolutely beautiful!! I love seeing Maui through your eyes, and this family is gorgeous!

what a great session Wendy! everyone looks so happy & natural…just perfect!

This is exactly what I’m looking for in a vow renewal. I’d really like to know which beach were you at for this ceremony?

Makena Cove!