Coming soon Let The Kids Dress Themselves | Maui Fine Art Family Photography

A little side project.

As if I didn’t have enough to do.  :)

Tory O’Leary and I are starting a new blog.  Let the Kids Dress Themselves.  Its a blog devoted to showing creative and honest portraiture.   Not staged.  Exceptional photography of families, people, children.  With listings of excellent photographers around the world. 

You can find Let the Kids on facebook and twitter.  But the blog is a few days away from launching.

And a companion blog… Let the Love  dot com will be launching soon as well.  Featuring weddings.  Real weddings.  Real couples really in love.  And showing their stories.

Fun.  And if you are a photographer, please submit to us.  We need the best of your content.  Think out of the box and show us your creative and beautiful photographs.  Email me at

Mahalo to you all.