christmas to me

i love it when I check the personal category on my blog.

this is just so me.

christmas day.  girls got waterproof ipod covers.

beautiful day on maui.

its not xmas without some sand and sea.

so while the boys stayed home and played with their toys, me and girls went to napili bay.

then later we grabbed noa and had snuck a dip in the neighbors pool.

shot on my lomo with kodak ektar film.  always film by the way.

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we skipped the santa photo this year (by strong kid opposition). but I think I can live with these memories instead.


Absolutely magical, Wendy. I love your life and how much you love your family.

This makes me smile! “Life is Good”!

Perfect. Absolutely perfect!

These are fabulous…each picture made me want to be there enjoying the sun and water!

Love these so much. Always love your blues. And the ones of your girl diving down with the iPhone. She’s got like… a crazy “I love taking photos” look in her eye. Tell her to chill will you? The market is saturated as it is ;) Great fun set Wendy!

Just LOVE these. I wish I could be underwater right now, too!!! sigh…

imagining the trail of beautiful you are leaving in your wake. like another world. your kids are going to love these…the flip side to my right now. spectacular wendy.

These are so you and SO amazing! I’m buying a bunch of Ektar RIGHT NOW! Beautiful job! <3

So fun! What a fun little field trip to some sun, blue skies and joy!

Oh goodness these are so beautiful Wendy! Just fantastic!

I love when you check the personal category on your blog, too!! Thanks for sharing your life with us. It’s so beautiful!!

What FUN! Makes me want to plan a vacation rrrrright now :) Thanks for sharing, Wendy!

The colors are INSANE!!!! I always enjoy seeing your posts. They make me happy :D Gorgeous as always!

How much fun this post is Wendy?! Thank you for sharing Christmas in Hawaii.

ADORE!!!! LOVE your christmas! and as always your colors are TDF! :)

This is just so you! I love this post. You seriously lead a blessed life out there!!! All of these are amazing, those colors!!

all your posts make me want to move to Hawaii! what a beautiful way to spend xmas.

Ah, so much fun! It’s freezing here at the moment so feeling sorry for myself but these photos just brought a smile to my face and much needed warmth.

So fun and fab! Your kids are going to cherish these shots when they’re all grown up!

Wendy, you always make me wish I lived in Hawaii!

While trying to talk my Husband into moving somewhere SO much warmer I will show him these! LOL! I need THIS kind of weather at Christmas!

Oh how I want your life for a day! You have such a way of making a person feel like they are there! Just perfect!

Oh my goodness these are so much fun! I want to be one of your kids for a day! :)

cute!!! so fun! i love the underwater ones!

Yeah, this is WAY better than Santa photos! Love your fun colors.