Can’t Beat a Grandma for Love — Lahaina Family Photography

We were lucky enough to have JD’s mom come stay for 2+ weeks.  The kids have so loved having her.. we just wish she didnt’ have to leave.

Nothing better than a grandma for some love.

maui family photography (2) maui family photography (1) maui family photography (3)


i am crying. my mom, their grammy, is the most special person to us. in the beauty of these i feel that REAL love, the missing, already. i think these are my favorite pictures from you. the warmth, the closeness, is just palpable. and then you get the color in too…and even that is larger than life. these are perfect pictures. this is love. whoa. and i am thinking of you too….xo

amy.. I cannot wait to meet you at sf find.. you are one of my favorite internet peoples… :)