Best of 2013 – Mine

when im not working with my cameras, i am watching my kids growing up.

and one thing I noticed this year as I did my review of the 2013 photography

is how fast that is happening.

the changes in all of them in 2013 were amazing.

noa went from a little preschooler to a kindergartener with very long legs.

hannah is morphing into a pre-teen before my eyes and in middle school.

noelle is sprouting up and swimming fast.

and nalu.. he got a car and a job and we hardly ever see him.  his photos now are few and far between and usually only involve skating.

posed photos may be a thing of the past except on my birthday when he cannot say no.

my kids.

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shot on a variety of film cameras… with my own kids I tend to experiment a bit more.

mamiya c330, norita 66, rollei sl66, canon 1v, contax 645, leica, holga, and lomo-w

and mostly kodak ektar film with a surprising (to me) amount of kodak tri-x for the black and white.

and did you see?  the last image is actually a whole family portrait.  just look in the mirror.

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Where do I even begin? Each picture was better than the next & I seriously fell in love with the beautiful smiles and energy your children have. I envision your home to have pictures everywhere {on the walls, in albums, etc}. Your children are going to CHERISH these pictures where they’re older. LOVE!

Oh that last one with them all together! What a gem! These are all fantastic Wendy. Thanks for sharing a little glimpse into your busy, busy life.

so inspiring Wendy, thanks for posting! xo
lots of love and perfect lighting always!!

Oh my GOSH I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!! These photographs better be plastered all over your home’s walls! My favorite is the swing. WOW. I need to get up and go photograph my kid! WOW WOW WOW.

These are absolutely beautiful! The 4th one down of your daughter is breathtaking, enter it in something, you will win :) Cheers to an equally awesome 2014!

Wendy, these are a true treasure! So beautiful, so full of life, they are just soooo gorgeous, each of them, and the group looks fantastic. Love that full family portrait, it’s awesome! Congrats on doing these portraits throughout the year, cool stuff! Keep up the work! xoxo

Fun and beautiful work! I’m a fan!

Oh I adore all of these, Wendy!! SO gorgeous! It makes me wish I got my camera out more to photograph my 3. Thanks for the inspiration! <3

Awww I feel so honored to know at least one of your kiddos :)))) Love Wendy, thank you for sharing these !!!

Wendy, these are incredible!! There is so much fun and life in all of them

Such a beautiful life you have, Wendy! Your children will truly treasure these one day! It honestly makes me tear up with happiness when I see photographers who adamantly document their children’s lives…you’re saving all the small little pieces that will one day make up their legacy. Love love love.

It’s so important to document our own families, thank you for the reminder and your photos are amazing!

You are amazing!!! The colors and moments and movement and LIFE you capture is so beautiful! What an adorable family you have :)

What an year!! These are the memories your family will LOVE and TREASURE forever! BTW, the Xprocessed images just made me go to amazon and add more slidefilm to my stack! Gorgeous as always!

First of all Wendy, you have a BEAUTIFUL family! Looking at this makes me want to take more pictures of my everyday life. I can feel every emotion in the pictures, you are very talented and your kids will be so glad they have these :)

Your kids are beautiful and look like they have such great spirits. I especially love the square shots. So much life and color!

oh my gosh. gorgeous. those sun kissed little blondies you have are sooo adorable. and your oldest son is so handsome. what treasures. so so much joy and memories in these pictures!

your images are always so vibrant and full of life!! your kids are so lucky to have these memories.

Your life looks so fun, carefree, and colorful! I love it.

I started taking notes of what ones were my favorites to reference in my comment.. and then a third of the way through I gave up because there were too many. What an AWESOME year in review Wendy!!