an open letter to my daughters – june

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dear hannah and noe,

you two have something growing up that i never had — a sister. and you two are so close that most of the time we think of you guys collectively as the girls.

irish twins.

best friends.

slumber party every night.

its no different now than that time in preschool when 3 year old hannah was too frightened to sing the christmas song in front of the parents without crying and getting her 2 year old noe up with her to hug her while she sang.

you are there for each other.

as you grow you differences become more apparent. different interests, different styles, different friends.

but still best friends and sisters.

im proud of how much you two care for each other and how protective you two are of each other.

don’t ever stop.

im proud and blessed to be your mom.

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You have the most beautiful daughters, Wendy! I love that they are so close in age. I agree having a sister is so incredibly special. My sister is ten years younger so I always played the mother role. I was very maternal. I sometimes wish I had a sister closer in age. Someone to confide in and really have that dynamic your girls have. There seems to be something so special there, and you can just feel it in the gorgeous images you shared!

A perfect letter – this is how I feel about my girls too – that they are so blessed to have something I never had – thank you for sharing their special bond, it just shines though the pictures too

Lexi Ocegueda

This Made Me Cry Wendy. Such A Sweet Letter That They Will Cherish Forever.