Shooting with feeling.

I am more interested in the feeling you get when you look at an image than making sure its technically perfect.  In fact, my love of imperfection is not just in photography but in my whole imperfect life.  Four children, two dogs, one wild cat and my husband are where I call home.   We live on Maui and love our casual life here. Its messy, its chaotic, with a large share of challenges, but I grateful beyond measure to be living it.

My aim with photography is to capture the feeling between you and your loved ones — whether that is your groom or bride or children or parents.  There is nothing that means more to me than a photo where you are taken right back to how you felt in that moment it was taken.   I love shooting weddings and families and people of all kinds.  I love telling their stories through images.    When people ask me for my style of photography, I have no answer because the truth is that I use many different styles to capture weddings and families.  I capture the unscripted moments (documentary photography), I capture the people in posed individual or group posing (portrait photography), and I capture the story and details of the day (editorial photography).  I love to be creative and focus on the feeling of the image while manipulating the technical aspects for some images and for others I favor a beautiful portrait worthy of a magazine feature.  Just like life, its all a mix, but what you walk away with is a complete story of your wedding, event or family that feels like the day, like you, like the feelings you felt, and the love that exists.


I photograph with film (you know the made by Kodak type of film).  The film is developed and scanned and you receive digital images that you can share online and email to friends as well as print beautifully in large prints.

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