Maui family photographs that are a joy to do, look like art and show how it felt to be in Hawaii with the people you love.

I focus on the connection and love within your family and get the real you.  All that love is set against the beauty, sunshine, and light of Maui beaches and island scenery.

The photo session is relaxing and fun.

You walk away with photos that represent your hearts and you will love forever.


 From a happy client …  

“love the colors, the movement, the happy emotions. I love that you do a mixture of portraits and looking at the camera / hugging and then also playful carefree ones.  And your photos are so iconic Hawaii!”

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what is the best maui location and best time to take family photos

Sunrise and sunset are the best times to take family photos on the beach on Maui because the sun is lower in the sky and the beaches are less crowded.  Early morning is my favorite because its a great way to start the day, the kids are fresh, the beaches are empty and the light is pretty.  Late risers and sunset lovers will love the later afternoon.  Maui has a wide variety of available beaches, fields, jungles, and other scenic places to take amazing photos.  Whether you want the pool, the ocean, bougainvillea bushes, palm trees, or a combination, I can suggest the best Maui location for family photos for you.

what to wear for your maui family beach photography session

This might be the most googled and most stressed over question about family photography shoots but it is actually the easiest one to answer.  Wear clothes you love and feel comfortable in.

By that I mean, dress down not up. Be you. But BE you at the beach!   You do NOT want to dress up for photos on the beach. Think about dressing down into your most favorite and worn in tee shirts and most likely to get wet and sandy clothing or swimsuits.

You want your photos to be pretty and real.  On the beach, bright colors work well.

For Mom: Loose cotton sundresses look pretty for Mom.  A favorite striped or bright color tee shirt with loose beach pants.  Cut off levi’s and a worn in tee or loose peasant blouse.Throw a cute swimsuit on underneath.    Wear clothes or swimsuits you feel comfortable and good in.  Let your hair be down.

For Dad:  A favorite tee shirt and swimshorts.  So simple.  Probably his favorite clothes.  (you know that favorite red tee with the holes from so many washings?). No need for any collars — tee shirts look best at the beach.

Teens:  Whatever they want.  So much easier this way.

Girls:  Like mom, loose twirly cotton sundress or simple a swimsuit or play shorts and a tee.  Swimsuit or a change of clothes  because they are probably going to get wet.  Hair down is best.

Boys:  Less is more.  Swimshorts and an optional tee shirt.  Again no collared shirts.

The number one rule? Dress down, not up.  Wear clothes that move and you can get wet and sandy.  No collars, no shoes, no matching, no all white, nothing you saw when you googled family photography beach portraits and you will be fine.

what to expect at your maui family beach photography shoot

Nothing makes photographs better than a laid back attitude. So your kids aren’t listening and won’t sit still? Don’t stress or worry, I know what I am doing and its all going to work out. The best photos are the in between ones, where you are just laughing and loving your family. Just go with the flow. I will pose you guys and then let that pose fall apart. Click. All you have to do is hang out with me and play. It is actually a relaxing time where you can hug, snuggle, and kiss your loved ones and not be in charge.  Getting your photos done with me is a fun experience.

how much are maui family photography shoots?

My Family and Couples Photography Plans:

SIMPLE— $1200 Family/Couples Maui

great for immediate families at one location

EXTENDED — $1500 Extended Family/Couples Maui

my most popular plan – perfect for extended families or for more creativity and candids

ADVENTURE –  $2400

3 hours of adventure on Maui OR I can come to you on an extended family shoot on Kauai, Big Island, Lanai or Oahu.   perfect for adventuring families on Maui or folks staying on other islands.

how to book your maui family photography session

Booking your Maui family photography session is easy.  Please send me a message above or text/call me.

are your hawaii family photographs on film?

Yes, all the photographs I take are on film. I use film because it is beautiful, handles the strong Hawaii light well, and gives me the rich colors I love, plus its fun! The film is developed and then scanned so I can deliver beautiful film rich colors to you by digital download from your gallery.

how to plan couple or honeymoon hawaii photos

Maui and all of Hawaii is great for couple or honeymoon photos. When its just the two of you, its easy to be photographed in stunning scenery like cliffs over the ocean, rainforest, waterfall, haleakala or big wide empty beaches.  My favorite is to take a couple on a hike through fields and trees to end up at a tide pool or cliff overlooking the ocean.

maui family photographer wendy laurel film photo of cute baby in pool on maui