Why I Love Film | Hawaii Film Portrait and Wedding Photographer


You might be wondering why I love to shoot film so much. Its harder to shoot than digital in that you cannot check the back of your camera to see if you got it and if you underexpose, there is no fixing it later.  Its more expensive, I have to get it developed.  And usually a hassle as there is no where to develop on Maui. 

But I love the look of the film.  I feel it cannot be replicated by digital.  I have a Canon 5d Mark II, a really great digital camera.  And I have shot lots of fantastic photos with it.  But everytime I pulled out a film camera, I was happier with the results.  There is something just satisfying about nailing a photograph with film for me. Its a bigger accomplishment.  And it feels more “real” to me than the digital version.

And my favorite thing is that the photos are ready to publish right out of the camera.  With digital there is usually alot of post processing involved.  Not so with film.  The colors are the way I want them right out of the camera. 

So I still have the digital camera and I guess it has its place.  I use it occassionally, especially for the photographs I take for Sacred Hearts School.  But shooting film fuels my motivation and passion to pick up my camera.  Film has my heart.