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Who says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? | Maui Fine Art Photography//03/05/2011

From my recent trip to Vegas for WPPI.

  1. Awesome post, Wendy! I love all the color and, of course, the group shots at the end. Thank goodness I can admire it from here though… and thank you for braving the crazies to take these. :)

  2. Deann. It was so fun. Next year you have to be there.

  3. Love these!! Just wishin I would've gotten to hang with the crew more! :(

  4. that bottom picture is just priceless. Wendy, can I get a print somehow? or a small 5×7 file?

  5. Nice! It's amazing the completely different take on Vegas you had. Ridiculously sad I missed meeting you!

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