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White Orchid Wedding in Maui//03/31/2014

just one shot.

my favorite short of sun flare.

from a recent maui wedding by White Orchid Weddings in Makena.

have a great day.

maui wedding photography

  1. Seriously. So beautiful (love me some sun flare!). And thanks for the reminder that all it takes is one beautiful image to say something about a couple, a place, a wedding… (though I can’t wait to see the rest too :))

  2. love this photo!!

  3. wendy, you rock! you and light are BFF’s. so good!

  4. This shot is perfection!

  5. I LOVE flare! How you capture it with film so well is totally beyond me…

  6. To die for! If this was the only picture I had from my wedding, I’d be happy!

  7. Gorgeous picture – love your artistic style. So unique

  8. So warm & dreamy! I can’t wait to see more.

  9. Oh how I wish I was in your part of the world. I think you so perfectly capture the feeling of Hawaii and the love from a wedding in just ONE image.

  10. OOoh the flare!! LOVE that you can capture it all in one image!! Stuning as always! :)

  11. SO romantic!! What dreamy light and an amazing location! This couple must be so happy to have this image!! :)

  12. Gorgeous, Wendy!

  13. Gorgeous sun flare!! I can never get mine to look like that on film:)

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