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White Orchid Wedding Beach House//05/14/2014

I shot a very lovely wedding at the White Orchid Wedding Beach House a couple of weeks ago.

and when I shoot a wedding I get all the details and the couple and the friends and the family.

all the expected shots.

but I also play and push myself and try to be creative.

this is my on purpose “accidental” light leak shot.  I love it.

just opened the camera back for a second at the end of the roll.


maui wedding photographer


Have a great day.




  1. Sooooo gorgeous and uniquely you, Wendy!!

  2. I adore this – such warmth in the colours and the emotion of the couple :0)

  3. I love it! It’s so warm and vintage feeling.

  4. MMMM. I just feel so refreshed looking at it. Gorgeous.

  5. such a COOL shot! you’re so good!

  6. Well this couldn’t have turned out any more perfect. I love it!

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