What Gets Me Through the Day & the County Fair

Some days are good, some days are better, and some days are not so good.  But even on the worst days (in my world), there is lots of joy.  Ive had some personal setbacks recently, which have made me look at myself.  And I don’t always like what I see.  But even on the worst of the worst days (and there have been some recently), there are a few simple things that help me get through the day.

1.  Nalu, Hannah, Noelle, and Noa.

my kids bring me joy.  They are exasperating and emotional and busy and crazy, but they are the JOY of my life.  I love that they need me.  I love watching them succeed without me.  And all the steps in between.  No day can be a bad day as long as I have those four.

2.  Running

Ok so maybe its walking some of the time, but recently its running again. And running is feeling good.  And Im so happy after.  

3.   Music

Love to listen to it loud when Im running.   Loud in the car.  It helps change my mood.  And I can just skip the songs that make me sad.

4.  Jamba Juice

Strawberry whirl, no juice, sub soy milk, extra blueberries.  I could live on it.  Actually, maybe I do.

5.   Friends, especially the bff kind

I have two super super close girlfriends that can talk me off the ledge any time.  Talk some sense into me.  Which I need alot.  I seem to be missing common sense in my general personality.

6.    Photography

An obesession, an addiction, a job, a hobby, whatever you want to call it.  I love using my cameras.  I love using film.  Its just so darn Fun (thats right with a capital F) and extremely satisfying.

7.  Faith

Im not into organized religion. Ive never been a joiner and have little patience with meetings of any sort.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a very strong sense of faith.  Just saying the word faith calms me right down.  And I do need calming.

Anyway, thats how I make it through the bad days.  Or else I just go to the Fair.  How about you?

shot on lca+ with kodak elite chrome, cross processed.