We Did It!!!! Speedstar Superstar Rockers

So we said we would all run the Bubba Gumps Front Street Mile and with the exception of the 2 year old ( who came to cheer us on) we all did.  It was super fun.

And the surprise sleeper was none other than Hannah, Ms. I hate running, who kept up with her sister and won a medal for 6th place in the crowded under 8 girl division.  (Noelle beat her out by a few strides to get the 5th place medal).

Nalu ran well in the 14’s for a sub 8 mile.  Cole (cousin) ran really well for the boys 9 & 10 division.

And me?  Well I ran it!  Went out way too fast… then got passed, but finished and was pretty OK with my result.  And the best part is my back doesn’t hurt today.. so perhaps there is more running in my future!!!  JD ran as well and did really well.  But the kids had the day!  It was so fun, you might want to look out for us at an upcoming 5k.