The Color Run — the race we almost did

Well I’ve been saying for months now that I was going to run the Color Run. And if you don’t know what that is, think of a 5 k run, with crazy people all in white, being spray painted different colors over the course until finishing like a rainbow.

so me, right?

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All of us thought so. We all signed up.

We flew to Oahu.  We dressed in white.  But nope we didn’t run.

I could blame it on the GPS.. and my husband’s single minded attachment to it.. over street signs and common sense.

I could blame it on the stopped traffic for miles and the tens of thousands of other people who had the same idea to do this run.

I could blame it on the fact that I had a wedding to shoot on Maui later that day and a tight time schedule.

But the truth is I didn’t plan it well at all.  I had no idea it would be so big.  We didn’t pick up our packets prerace. We didn’t go that early.  Once we saw that traffic, we knew there would be no getting in and out and making our flight.

And I cannot not show up for a wedding.

So instead?  We ditched the Color Run (very sadly I might add) and drove to Waikiki where we did our own Zoo run.

We ran with the kids through the Honolulu Zoo and tried to see as many animals as we could in our 45 minute window.

Then drove to airport and make the plane and I made my wedding and all was fine with the world.

We comforted ourselves by saying we were teaching our kids a lesson in flexibility and rolling with the punches.

Next time.