The Color Run Maui

I have been known to carry a toy camera or two.

And they come in really handy on roller coasters, ski slopes, or running 5k’s holding a 5 year old’s hand.

We did the Color Run Maui last weekend.  As a family.  Although we finished at different times (depending whose hand you were holding).

NRlaurel000403-R2-E071 NRlaurel000403-R2-E041 NRlaurel000403-R1-028-12A NRlaurel000403-R1-030-13A NRlaurel000403-R1-038-17A NRlaurel000403-R1-050-23A NRlaurel000403-R1-048-22A NRlaurel000403-R1-054-25A NRlaurel000403-R1-068-32A NRlaurel000403-R1-076-36A NRlaurel000403-R2-E069 NRlaurel000403-R2-E063 NRlaurel000403-R2-E057 NRlaurel000403-R2-E055 NRlaurel000403-R2-E066 NRlaurel000403-R1-064-30A

shot on lc-a+ and lc-wide with kodak ektar and lomography 100 xpro films. just for fun.


Only you can rock 3 kids, a toy camera, run a 5k, shoot film and have it look this awesome. :)

amazing!!! you rocked this run!

I love this! What a great idea. You captured the spirit of the race perfectly!

This looks like SO MUCH FUN!! Love seeing it from your perspective <3

seriously, could you BE any cooler! you rocked this run. I cant believe you took this pictures with a toy camera! wow!

SO COOL!!!!! Can I come next time? Please? :)

what a colorful and fun mess!

This looks like so much fun Wendy! Great images too!!

Wending you really are the Queen of colour – you inspire me all the time to push my own boundaries. These are so much fun!

I have so many favorites in here it’s just crazy! Your colors here are awesome! And it looks like it was a blast!

Hello, may I know how you protect your camera during this run? Thanks

Frank Dellaglio

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