The Bellands — Wailea Beach

I love love love shooting families.. the more people and the crazier the better.

And I had my hands full with this extended family, a pair of twins and a sweet and shy sister.

But her rainbow dress made my day.  And the love and fun in this family melted my heart.

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This is an amazing session Wendy – the family totally fit you and your style. Fabulous.

What a beautiful family!! Such beautiful moments you captured!!

What a beautiful family session! You did such a wonderful job capturing these memories for them!

oh my. That little one in the rainbow dress is a show stealer! Love that one of her getting a big smooch! So full of light and love!

Beautiful as always Wendy!!! Love this <3

How fun! These are gorgeous! Always love the colors in your photography Wendy!

Fun! What an adorable family!

What a lovely and fun session this is! As always, I love your colors!

What a beautiful family! How lucky they are to have these memories.

Love seeing the extended family in the photos! And I so love the one of the parent’s swinging the little girl in the water. These simple little things can be the best memories.

Really love that portrait with Grandpa. So cute!

Eep!!! I love this session! The location. The light. The colors. Perfect!

what a wonderful family session!!