Swimming Away | Hawaii Fine Art Childrens Photography

Its swim season again.  But actually when it is not swim season?  The kids swim year round here with a little teeny break over July & August.  Then back to the black line.  Nalu has been swimming with Lahaina Swim Team for 8 years now (crazy!) and both girls are in their third year (can that be right???).  This year, though, seeking a break from the black line, Nalu has opted to play soccer as well so he has escaped swim practice twice a week.  Usually he practices 6 days a week.

Tom Popdan, the coach, runs an exceptional program at the Lahaina Aquatic Center.  And if you live on the west side of a little island in the middle of the pacific, you discover how rare that really is.  The team practices daily and competes in swim meets throughout the year with two large State meets each year. (one for short course and one for long course).

But today, alas, no swimming.  Its the dreaded Front Street Mile.  Noe and Nalu and Hannah are ready to run.  Ive discovered that running is killing my back.  I injured my back a few years ago just overuse of camera equipment and carrying all those heavy babies.  Pilates, yoga, and walking have all really helped my back, but running is not seeming to be helpful at all!  But I am running my little mile race today.  I said I would and I will.  I don’t see the marathon in my future though.  Think I will have to rededicate myself to yoga, pilates, and walking.