Surfer Wedding Inspiration | Maui Fine Art Wedding Photographer

I love this shoot.
I designed this wedding inspiration.The cake was inspired from a Billabong T-shirt.Dress is Marc Jacobs (don’t you just LOVE it?)Jake’s shirt is from Volcom.

Oh and the cake?  Tasted even better than it looked.  A M A Z I N G

On the technical side, shot with Portra 400 on the Contax 645.  A bit of Contax g2 (small kine) and of course the not so trusty Holga.  In other words, ALL FILM.


dress:  Marc Jacob
cake:  Maui Wedding Cakes
flowers:  Sunya’s Flowers
jewelry, hair:  Claire’s
Photography & Design:  ME!


this is my favorite wedding yet, what's not to LOVE!! and you did the design too, excellent!! i'm not one to wear dresses, but here's one i'd put on :) beautiful!

Alisa.. its actually MY dress ;)

Brilliant Wendy! I love that you have such a strong vision and that it's basically the rainbow and therefore awesome! And I adore the dress.

I love all the colours and the look of simplicity to it. The cake is way cool!

I love your creativity! Brilliant!

Thanks everyone! This was a lot of fun to do.

these are incredible! I love them! what a perfect wedding! there is nothing better than two people in love that express in a way that is so purely them. you did such a beautiful job capturing it!

oh, woops… this is not an actual wedding… well it's incredible nonetheless! haha! I was thinking wait, who married them? oh, wedding inspiration. great job getting this shoot together. I could see two surfer lovers having a wedding exactly like this.

M.E. & You Photography

Wendy, the color on these is so luscious, I could eat it with a spoon! I can't believe that's Portra 400!! These are insanely beautiful, so nicely done!

Congrats on putting this together! It looks like a lot of fun and the colors are great. :)