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Sunny Skies + Holga + My Kids = Love//04/08/2011

I love these photos. Why doesn’t anyone ask for this for their family portraits?

Come on.  Ill do the session at a discount.

What a fun way to spend a photo session.

My kids.  Doing what they do best.  Being kids.

  1. LOVE these. Incredibly awesome. I'm there. Do you pay airfare? :)

  2. Ummm… that would be a no to the airfare (at least this year) but Come anyway. Visit me and Natalie :) You know you want to. Maui FIND . . .

  3. fun, fun. all your shots are always so fun! love it :)

  4. super fun! I'll have to take my holga out for a spin :-)

  5. so vivid! so in love!
    what film?

  6. yep. its the 100vs xpro. Im not a fan in 35mm but it looks rad in the 120 + holga.

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