Stella & Peter | Haiku Mill Wedding on Maui

Um… yup.. its me.. Im back.  Back here on this blogger blog.  I know, make a decision and stick to it.  Well, there were some technical difficulties, I really missed this blog, and lots of my readers did too.  So here we are again.  Looking forward to some updates really soon though.

Plus, its a great place to post the LARGE amount of photos I wanted to post from Stella and Peter’s beautiful wedding at the Haiku Mill on Maui.  If I ever get married again…. or more likely, have any say in any of my childrens’ weddings…. Haiku Mill is the place.  So very very beautiful.  Thanks again to Jose Villa for having me assist.


beautiful wendy!! and how cool is it that you got to shoot with jose?!

very very cool. almost as cool as your super secret wedding.

I cannot believe you shot in all film. These images are beautiful! What a great location (I'm biased b/c I was married there). And you were shooting with Jose Villa–one of the best in the industry–that's AWESOME!