sometimes we swim in the sea

we love the ocean.

if you go under and stay still, you can hear the whales sing.

my girls. on film.  kodak/ektar/the find lab.

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Oh Wendy! I don’t know how you continually make such beautiful, emotional photos!! I love all of these so much and I now know I NEED a water proof camera housing, because this is just magic. <3

wendy, i LOVE your work!! always so playful and so colorful. love, love, love. one of these day will have to hire you for a session. xoxoxo

Magical. Your children are so lucky to have you document their childhood. They will love you for it when they’re older! xo

These are actually magical Wendy.

you live in such a magical world. LOVE

I sure hope you are printing these out and displaying these around the house. These are AMAZING!!! I need a camera housing case for vacation and its a done deal now seeing these. Lovely!

glorious, i almost was too scared to click on the link to here because I knew my fishy soul would ache. And it does. Glorious captures

Wow. These are wonderful! The one where she’s floating on her back, stunning. I love all of the action shots as well!

So fun! I love the 4th one!

These are magical -and so full of life! Thank you for sharing. Beautiful and touching photographs!

So fun! I miss swimming with you guys in the sea.

Love them all but second and last are sublime Wendy.

What an adventurous childhood you are giving your kids. Simply beautiful and inspiring images Wendy!!

these are amazing. so much depth and emotion in these. i truly love them.

Yes! These are wonderful!

Beautiful! I would love to live by a warm ocean like this! I love the blues in your photographs Wendy!

Loving your underwater series! Beautiful!

Beautiful! These pictures are awesome!

Your work simply blows me away. I love the movement, adventure & colors in these images!

Are you kidding me?? These are incredible, Wendy! I just love your eye and creativity

Stop it. These are freaking fantastic Wendy!!!

these are incredible!!! the colors are absolutely gorgeous!

These images evoke an incredible calm while capturing the energy of childhood. Love.

Seriously magical. I think of book covers and fantastical stories with all of these shots.