Sneak Peek and Lunatic Warning

Its hard posting here everyday when Im working hard to put the new blog up up and away.  Stalled on logo design.  How come nobody ever gets me?  Why is it so hard working with designers?  Is it the same reason I cannot order off a menu ever?  Am I just too particular?  Too different?  Is this confirmation that I am just not mainstream or confirmation that I am just a lunatic?

While I ponder this, Ill post a very quick sneak peek at a wedding I shot with Stephanie Sheveland yesterday.  Just some ring a ding dings…


Ok, that is an crazy awesome ring shot. And I hear you about posting and shooting and keeping it all updated. I think I need a team. You are awesome the way you are :-)

This is awesome, thanks Wendy! I can't wait to see more!