Ryan Muirhead shoots me!

Ryan Muirhead shot me.

And since he usually shoots beautiful 20 year olds, it was a bit intimidating.

But look and see.

I don’t usually plug items or people or workshops.

But Im plugging Ryan.  He and Jake Garn are holding a workshop here on Maui in June.

About your vision as a photographer.

About making women look beautiful.

About using lights, posing, and your film or your digital camera to capture your vision.

And he has me convinced.

First six who sign up get a discount.

Check it out.

June 2011 Maui.

We all need to know how to make women look beautiful.


they and you are beautiful. love love love that 2nd shot of you. beautiful :)

you have the laughter and freedom of a 20 year old. but thankfully the wisdom and joy of someone who is exactly your age! checked out this workshop, looks like a dream worth every penny, just a few more pennies than i can spare these days.