Running | Hawaii Film Portrait Photographer

Running.  For years and year I ran.  Almost every day.  Ran races, ran trails, ran for fun, ran for fitness.  Ran with babystrollers.  Ran marathon.  Ran lots of half marathons and 10ks and 5ks.  Haven’t really run though since Hannah was born.  And thats 8 years ago!  Ouch.  Now I walk alot.  Up hills.  But its not the same as running.  My youngest daughter, Noelle, has taken up cross country running at the young age of 6.  Her races are 1/2 mile.  Next week though she is running the Front Street Mile.  Which is obviously a mile And I agreed to run also.  So, out I went this week to run a mile and found it its much harder than I remember.  I think Ill be lucky if I run the whole thing.  The younger me would be astonished and disgusted to know I have to train to run a mile.  But so it is.  Running a mile on Saturday.  Thank you Noelle for inspiring and motivating me.  Photos from Noe’s cross country race on Saturday.  She placed 7th in the K-3 category.  Got a ribbon.  She’s happy.


good job on the running!! i was never a runner, ever–only did track in HS and never understood the cross country gang :) and how nice that your daughter has taken up your running skills!

Alisa.. I think if you did track, that pretty much qualifies you as a runner! I could never do track. Thinking Ill run the mile with a camera. At least that way I know Ill have fun.:)